About Kate


My name is Kate and I'm a fully qualified Make-Up Artist!!! I studied for a year in LA MakeUp Academy and after spending a whole year, day in, day out around makeup, it is fair to say I LOVE MAKEUP!!!! It's something that us ladies never get sick of!
I've been working for Inglot Cosmetics in Dundrum for a good while now and its a great way to spend my days playing with loads of different makeup and attempting to make people a little bit more beautiful everyday!

This blog is just my chance to give my opinions on the makeup and different products that I love but I am only one girl and they are just my personal opinions, so feel free to argue the point! Ha!

I love testing out new products, thats probably why I have an empty bank account most of the time but, to me, its money well spent, especially when I find a serious bargin!!! And Ladies, it is a recession so what better way to find out what the best products are by letting me spend the money so you guys know all the real products worth your purchase!

So stay tuned to my blog and hopefully I can steer you guys in the right direction when it comes to buying the right things for the right amount of money and I hope you enjoy reading all about it...