Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ombre Hair!!

NON-makeup Post!!!
   I am totes (Yes, I said totes, eeek), in love with Ombre Hair, ya'no the dip-dyed effect! Very in at the moment,! Most people tend to go dark on top, like a chocolate brown, in a lighter brown/blonde at the bottom. I tried this in my hair, and well, it turned reddish, not so chic. And also too dark for my liking!

      I've been blonde for years, spent a solid fortune on highlights, and I love being blonde so I am now in the process of doing my own style ombre, a warm blonde on top blended into a bright, white blonde at the ends. So far so good in my opinion.

     At the moment, I'm not completely the colour I want to be, well on top anyway. I have to lighten my hair gradually according to my hairdresser so I've decided to keep you updated on this. I defo want to go lighter at my roots but I REALLY LOVE my white blonde ends of my hair. Like proper LOVE.

So here a current picture....
White ends are amazing right? :P

I'm due a visit to the hairdressers soon so I will keep you updated on what it looks like, a step by step look if you like!

'till the next blog,
Kate xXx


  1. Ooh a little hint of a minty blue would be so amazing in your hair, it would turn out perfect too, cz youre so blonde on the ends :) Keep us updated! x

    1. I would love to put colour in the ends of my hair like a pink or purple or something (never thought of mint before), but I was told it wouldnt take to my natural hair, I would have to put colour in extentions! But defo will keep it in mind!! Thansk for your comment!! :) xx


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