Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Real Techniques; Really Amazing!!!

This is my first attempt at blogging and I couldn't wait to tell you all about the new brushes on the market!!!

Samantha Chapman, one member of the famous Youtube Guru's, 'Pixiwoo', recently released a range of brushes, Real Techniques, for both Make-Up Artist's and Make-Up lovers alike and I have to say they really are amazing!!!!

There was major talk about these brushes, even before they came out, and they really have lived up to the hype. In fact, they were so popular that even finding a Boots store that still had some left on the shelves was quite some feat! 

Thankfully though I found some! I bought the core set which included 4 brushes and a mini brush stand all for 30euro!!!! and these are the bad boys themselves....

The brushes themselves are all synthetic brushes which means you can use both liquid and powder products! My favourite brush out of the 4 is the 'buffing brush', which is the one on the extreme left in the picture above. The bristles are tight and compact and is brilliant for applying foundation, I really have found that my foundation looks more flawless and goes on more evenly since I started using it!!!

The 'contour brush' is also brilliant (the brush on the extreme left in the pic below)!! It does actually what it says on the tin! Leaves you with beautiful contour as the brush fits perfectly into the hollow under the cheekbone! Because it is a duo-fibre brush i have also used this for applying concealer under the eye and around the nose and it helps to blend out the product beautifully!!! I love it!

I love this set of brushes, even the tiny 'shader brush' does a brilliant job on applying lipstick or even concealer! It really is an unbelievable steal for 30euro, well worth the money and you will MOST DEFINITELY see an improvement in your makeup!!

There is another brush set with different eye brushes which I will most defo be buying as well as any other brushes from Samantha Chapman! She really has done a brilliant job with these brushes so far and I'm hoping she releases more!!!

Go out and Buy Real Techniques, they are really amazing!!!!

Thanks for reading!!! :)

Kate xXx


  1. Heard loads of good things about them but trying to find them is proving impossible, can you get them online anywhere do you know or is just Boots? Best of luck with your blog! :)

    Aifric x


  2. Hey! yeah they really are brilliant! I definitely recommend everyone buying them!

    Boots in Dundrum and on Grafton are the only places I've found them so far but they do sell them online from cocktailcosmetics.com its an English site but I know a few people have bought them from there!

    Thanks for your comment and well wishes and for following!!! :)

    Kate x

  3. Hi

    OOH I,m mad to try these. Is the buffing brush similar to the Sigma F80 Kabuki brush. It is made from Natural hair so only need a drop of foundation...I see these are synthetic, could you compare it to the Mac 130 or 187 Stiple?


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