Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wake Me Up Rimmel!!!

As I continue on the search for my Holy Grail, a foundation which I'm happy with from the minute I apply it to the minute I take it off, I'm always open to trying new, cheaper brands in search for the perfect one for my skin! (I might as well add now that I still haven't actually found the perfect one but I'm resigning myself to the fact that I'll never find it because it clearly doesn't exist, quite honestly, I'm just too fussy)

However, I have found this little gem on my mission and it's the 'Wake me Up' Foundation by Rimmel! Now I wish I could full credit for finding it and testing it first but I'm afraid I owe this one to my mother, another massive makeup enthusiast like myself (if you saw her makeup collection you'd know exactly where my obsession comes from).

Personally, I have quite dry skin so this foundation really suits my skin type (I really wouldn't recommend this foundation if you have oily skin because it's designed to give a dewy, fresh complexion and that just doesn't work too well with oily skin, more suited to combination or dry skin (this is only my opinion from what I found through testing it so hey, I could be wrong)).

It's a medium, build-able coverage, meaning that you can apply more of it to make it a fuller coverage but it still won't look 'caked' (and after going to UCD for 3 years I've seen my fair share of the D4 face-dipped-in-muck situation, and it ain't pretty). So feel free to build up this foundation, but try keep it to a minimum, the more you have on your face, the more you have to slide of during the day!

The foundation claims to give a radiant glow with an anti-fatigue effect! I'm not so sure about the anti-fatique part but it surely does give a glow to the skin as it seems to a shimmer effect to it! If you don't like shimmer, then this foundation is NOT for you!! It lasts quite well throughout the day but I still found I would have to top up in certain areas after a few hours, this isn't something I mind doing but I would love to find a foundation that lasts throughout the day, impossible feat I think, ugh!!

It's also quite a pretty bottle, and first impressions are important, no matter what anyone says! It reminds me a little of Lacomé's Teint Mircale (of which I absolutely adore but its not always in my budget) And Rimmel's version is just under 12euro, HELLO BARGAIN, and it is definitely well worth a trial! It does give your skin a revived and fresh look which it is designed to do, so try not to use too much setting powder over the top, maybe just down the t-zone, as it takes away the overall look of the foundation (hence another reason that it's not suited to oily skin)!

So, overall, if you've got normal to dry skin, give this one a whirl, you won't regret it! And it most definitely won't break the bank, which is music to my ears!!!!

But, alas, my search continues......

Thanks for reading!
Kate xXx


  1. I tested this in my local boots at the weekend and shade for me was sold out, the lady said it was flyin out! hope i can get it this weekend!

    1. it really is amazing alright! keep trying because it definitely is worth giving a go! not my favourite foundation at the moment but my favourite one is for another blog coming up!

      Thanks for you comments and for following my blog! :)


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