Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Favourite Body Scrub's under 10EURO!!!

    So, with Summer comes sun tan (not in Ireland though 'cos the weather is crap) and showing more skin. So more skin on show means you want to have perfect skin. So, therefore body scrubs are a necessity. So, I've decided to share with you my favourite body scrubs that come in under 10euro (even better right!?!).

   First up is Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden's Body Scrub. Coming in under 8euro and can be found in Boots nationwide. I love this scrub, probably my favourite one at the moment of the 3 I'm going to share with you. Not the harshest or most coarse body scrub out there but really does the job. I love the smell of it too, mainly smelling of orange oil and patchouli (haven't a clue what this is but it smells good). It is quite a liquid scrub so you might feel it isn't working but it defo is. It really buffs your skin and leaves it feeling and smelling great. This one has been repurchased many a time and will be a stable in my cosmetics for a long time to come.

   Secondly is Soap & Glory's Flake Away Body Polish. Coming in at 50c under 10euro mark, this scrub is very thick and coarse, but not in a bad way. The smell isn't as nice as the Sanctuary one but it does the job. It does leave your skin feeling very smooth but the scrub itself is quite hard to wash off, not the worse point ever but does require more effort. Shea Butter, Sugar and Peach Seed Powder are the ingredients and do indeed leave you feeling clean and smooth. I would have hoped that the Shea Butter smell would be more prominent but it seems to be over powered by the other scents. And we will not talk about the colour......yuck.

    Finally, is the newest edition to my collection (I do collect them apparently). Lush Cosmetic's Rub Rub Rub. Deliciously blue in colour. At first look the scrub looks startlingly refreshing and brilliantly organic and full of natural, sea ingredients, and in truth, we wouldn't be far wrong. Full of sea salt with a dash of lemon and the smell is a refreshing tropical scent of mimosa blossom flower. The scrub is gorgeous on your skin and can even be used in your hair as a shampoo (I haven't tried this yet but I'll let you know). It is quite a harsh scrub but as long as you don't scrub too hard then it shouldn't be too coarse, and even though it is quite a coarse scrub it is quite liquid so if you try to use too much at any one time then it will end up everywhere, all over the shower or bath, so little bits at a time works best. Comes in at 9.50 as well and out of the 3 is probably the hardest to find, requires a trip to Grafton St., but I really like it. I think I'll be using this for a another little while and seeing what I make of it but so far so good!

     I love the clean feeling that a body scrub gives you but hate spending a fortune on them. These 3 scrubs are fantastic value and get the job done without spending a bomb. I would definently recommend checking these out.

    Have anyone tried any of these?? What would be your favourite body scrubs?? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,
Kate xXx


  1. Hi Kate, loving your blog! I added you to my reading list! Follow back if you can :) love these body scrubs esp the Lush one...I wish it was easier to get! xox

    1. Thanks a million Emma!! :) Yeah defo, I wish Lush had more shops open around Ireland!! I'll make sure to check out your blog!! :) xx

  2. Girls..if You want the cheapest and best scrub ever,Just get youre favorite shower gel,a big shower sponge and sugar!! put some shower gel on the sponge and pour some sugar on top and start exfoliating..Youre skin will be baby soft after and Your purse still jingling :)
    Karyn..Miss Dubai x


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