Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Mini Haul!!

So, apparently I am beyond crap at a 'spending ban' and I think I might have only lasted one measly day at stopping myself from buying anything but's a mini haul of things I have bought in the last little while (I have bought a lot more but I lost my new Mac Lipstick :( and the others things will come in a later blog). Also, these products were all bought online of which I will leave links to as well!!

Honour Blush; RoseGold Blush
First up, Sleek Cosmetics. I bought two blushes, one of which I had tried to buy before but they were out of stock. I bought RoseGold Blush, a gorgeous pinky colour with gold through it, it is a lot sheerer than I had thought it would be so I have being applying it along with another colour but it does highlight the cheeks nicely and is nicely natural. The second product I got is also a blush (although I thought it was a bronzer when I bought it). It is a limited edition product from Sleek which they brought out for the London Olympics. It is a lot more purpley brown than I would like so I haven't used it that much, but it does look nicer on the skin than it does in the pan. Bought these blushes were 5.50, a very good price particularly for the quality of products you get. (Also the shipping from the UK is around 9euro, expensive enough). Ordered from SleekMakeup.

Next, is from another random makeup brand, NYX Cosmetics. I ordered these from Cherry Culture, an American website as the brand is American itself. These products were all on sale on the websites, probably the reason I bought them at all (and the colours seriously attracted me, Magpie much??? )
4 lipglosses, 2 glittered eyeliners. The lipglosses (Mega Shine Lipgloss) are amazing, the smell alone is fantastic, smells exactly like bubblegum, YUM! The four colours I got were, L-R: DollyPink, FrenchKiss, AfricanQueen, Pop. Pigment is fantastic and did I mention the scent??? :O (French Kiss is my least favourite, very metallic on the lips, a look I don't like and the pinks a gorgeous, Orange one is mainly a sheer lipgloss with glitter in it, bit disappointing to be honest). The glittered eyeliners (Crystal Pink & Crystal Aqua) have brilliant pigment, not something I will be using a lot but I have a certain look in mind, I'll keep you posted. Altogether I spent around 30euro including shipping from America, I was really pleased and the products came pretty quickly. Thumbs Up from Me!
Swatches, on my freckly hand :D

Have any of you used NYX or Sleek before? What do you think??
Thats all from me for now, check out the websites, both are worth a look for sure!!!

Thanks for reading!
Kate xXx


  1. Hi Kate...I LOVE NYX! You should try their round lipsticks...they are fab and also their blushes are excellent! I havn't tried Sleek yet...I made an order ages ago but they messed it up and in the end I cancelled the order! The shipping is very expensive isn't it? But I really want to try out a few of their products so I'm going to order again! lost a new Mac lipstick? *cry face* xx

    1. Yeah I'm really loving everything I got my NYX so far, worth waiting for them to come over from America. Haven't tried there blushes but I'll defo have to check them out. Sleek have great products, there eyeshadow palettes are brilliant and only 9e I think. Love them! if you were buying stuff from Sleek I'd defo order in bulk, shipping isnt that bad then!! Yeah I lost a new Mac lipstick, only had it 2 days, and was really loving it, hopefully it will turn up but I think I lost it in town!! :( tear!! xx


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