Friday, 13 July 2012

Step by Step Guide #2!

                                Step by Step Guide to a Eye Liner Flick!

The coverted Eyeliner.
      So Eyeliner.....probably the most coveted makeup look every for women across the world. It is definently not something that comes naturally to anyone, yes some are obviously going to pick it up quicker than others but in saying that the more you practice the better you will become at it.

A liner look!

I would have to say that eyeliner is my most frequently used look, like my go-to look and by far my favourite! It reallys make it look like you've put in a heap of effort when really you haven't (obviously once you have mastered the technique). I would be lost without my liner for that night out and for my go-to work look. 

So, getting right down to the Step-by-Step.

    Step1: Use either your liquid or Gel liner, I use Inglot's 77 Matte Gel Liner in Black and an angled liner brush (make sure this is synthetic brush) and fill across your lash line! The easiest way to do this is to stencil across the lashes, somewhat a join-the-dots concept. Make this as thick or as thin as you want as long as you make sure it is as straight as possible!
Step2 : This is the hardest part now. Keeping your eye open and looking directly into a mirror, draw a line upwards following from your bottom lashline, using this as a guide! Make this as short or as long as you want, depending on how much of a flick you like!

Step3 : From the tip of the line you have just draw, pull your brush across to meet the line across your lashline, creating a small triangle shape!

 Step 4 : Fill in the triangle shape with your liner and add some mascara and Liner Done!

Now, even with these 4 relatively simple steps, eyeliner still requires a lot of practice, it is most certainly the hardest part of makeup. My advice is to spend a day practising and removing eyeliner and repeating the steps until you feel confident with your liner. It really is the best way to perfect liner. And once you've figured it all out, I guarantee it will be time well spent for you will never leave eyeliner out of your eye makeup looks from that moment on....

Thanks for reading,
Kate xXx 

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