Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Eye Look #2: Teal Glitter!

    Another recent look by me. I was trying something new with my makeup, trying to add more colour into my looks as I'm not the biggest user of colours normally but I always like to keep doing different things. 
    I recently bought a couple of NYX Glittered Eyeliners, and one of those was a gorgeous Teal coloured liner. It looks absolutely amazing on all eye colours, probably mostly on brown eyes but sure my blue eyes will have to do. 

    Teal and Black, defo a combination I would never wear. First up, I placed one of my new shadows from Inglot, no.32, across my lid. I really packed on this colour so that the teal would come up super strong. I then blended this out with Mac's 'Swiss Chocolate', a rich caramelly brown colour which is what you see in the photo blended above my socket. This helps to act as a blending colour so that when I used the black shadow it makes it super easy to blend.
    I used Mac's 'Black Tied', a sparkly black (looks gorgeous as an eyeliner), and placed it in the outer third of of the socket blended upwards and towards the teal. You need to make sure that the black is blended nicely with the teal in the lid. The next step is to draw the liner, I used my normal Inglot 77 Gel liner in Black. I brought this into the waterline and smudged out 'Black Tied' under the eye.
    The final step was using the NYX Glittered Eyeliner on top of the no.32 teal shadow. I simply kept applying this until I was happy with the final product. This gives a gorgeous sparkle to the eyes and really finishes off the look!!
Products used.
Glitter really changes the end product of eyeshadow. And also makes a nice change from just simple matte shadows!

What are your thoughts on this glittered look? Would you use glitter in you night time eyes?? Let me know what you think! :)

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Thanks for reading!
Kate xXx

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