Monday, 27 August 2012

Essie's 'A Cut Above'.

More Essie Goodness!
Glitter, Glitter, Glitter!!

Now, this bad boy is not available in Ireland just yet, my dear mother bought it for me on Amazon or Ebay or somewhere like that! And it is amazingggggg!!!!!

A lovely follower of mine, Kayrn from Dubai, suggested that I check this nail varnish out. She felt that I would love this one 'cos I love Essie varnishes in general! And boy was she right! I love this puppy. A pinky/cranberry glittered varnish from Essie's LuxEffects aRange, a new range to their brand! Wowsers! It has some serious eye catching appeal even without putting it out!
I'm a really bad nail painter! :D

Now it defo needs a couple of coats to get maximum impact from the glitter so using a base coat is a must and I also used a Nail's Inc Nude Varnish 050 to help bring up the glitter and then defo a top coat for more sparkle! I use Sally Hansen base and top coats 'cos I think they are brilliant but I know I am going to invest in some Essie treatments too! I just need the muhla!! :D
Another bad nail painting job! :D

I am defo going to be obsessing over this for the Autumn/Winter, I love glitter in general in the Winter months!

What do you guys think? Amazing right??
Hope you likey...!

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Kate xXx


  1. I just ordered set in stones:D eeeep!xx

    1. Is that the silver one?? I love these polishes! I will find it hard to ever buy another brand of polishes again!! :) xx

  2. Ahh this looks lovely! I still haven't tried any Essie yet! Their glitters look excellent!

    Abi x

    1. you should really try Essie's range, you wont be disappointed! :) Nails are even nice in real life too! :) x


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