Thursday, 6 September 2012

Bourjois 1,2,3 Perfect Foundation!

    Now, so I am a bit late on this blog, this is Bourjois's newest foundation but it is by no means new! I never got around to purchasing this one as I hadn't heard great things about it but I caved in 'cos I wanted something new and I really like Bourjois's Healthy Mix Foundation. So, now I've got that out of the way I'll move on to what I think about it!
  I like!

It's not my favourite ever, so far, but it is defo doing the job!

   Bourjois says: 3 correcting pigments within the foundation. 1.Yellow pigments:anti dark circles. 2.Mauve pigments: anti dull complexion. 3. Green pigments: anti redness. Basically, the foundation is supposed to even out your skin tone by neutralising any pigmentation in your skin. And, if I am being fair to Bourjois, the foundation boasts a good colour and as someone who has different tones in my skin, I find that the foundation really does level out my skin tone, so for those of you who suffer in that way, I would defo recommend giving this a try!

   My views so far: It is quite a liquid product so I initially thought that the coverage wouldn't be great but I was wrong, it actually is pretty good when you use a buffing brush! I used Samantha Chapman's Real Techniques Buffing brush (the best foundation brush in my opinion). I just use a little bit of my Lasting Perfection Concealer from Collection 2000 and my face is fully covered, and covered really well! What I notice about the foundation though is that serious dryness on your skin! To me it is defo a matte finish because it is very powdered on my face (oily skin people would love this). It kind of goes against everything it was aimed to though with it's powdered finish, as it states it is a hydrating foundation, confusing really! I do like it's matte finish as I suffer from 'shiny-face' during the day and I haven't had that problem when I used '1,2,3 Perfect'. On the other hand, I don't think it is very long lasting. I feel like it disappears from my face after a couple of hours and it claims up to 16hours of flawless perfection. Not good!
Real Techniques Buffing Brush (Blog here)

     Overall, I like the foundation. I do wish it was a little bit more hydrating on my skin but then again if it was more hydrating it would probably make my face really shiny, I can't be pleased, there is no winning with me! Bourjois isn't an expensive brand, the foundations are generally no more than €15, and this one is defo worth a look. I probably wouldn't repurchase it once I finish this bottle, I defo way prefer their Healthy Mix foundation but I will defo keep going with this, I might have a revelation and suddenly be unable to live without it....We'll see....

    Has anyone else tried this?? Or Healthy Mix Foundation? Let me know!

P.s. this is defo a downside to the foundation, packaging is a let down, foundation comes out of the bottle even when it is sitting idle! grrrrr.....

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