Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Releasing my inner DIVA.....

I am back blogging with vengeance Ladies....!   

    First thing I need to point out, I have had Mac's Diva Lipstick for two days, yes I said TWO days, and I am so in love it's not even funny (I've worn it both those two days)!! I literally don't know how I've managed to live without 'Diva' for so long!

    It's not a limited edition colour, it's part of their normal lipstick colour, and I'd figured the reason that I've skipped over it for all these years is because it's not a 'wow', scream at me amazing colour in the bullet! In fact I would still be without 'Diva' even I hadn't discovered someone wearing it in a picture on Instagram (I'm obsessed with this site, follow me, my username is kate_mc_makeup), and it was amazing on her so naturally enough I followed her style! And if I'm being brutally vain and shallow and all that jazz I kinda LOVE it on me, exactly my style colour and I think it suits me (I'm sure others might disagree but who cares)!

    On to the actual lipstick......It is the perfect Autumn/Fall/Winter colour and I know I'm going to wear it day in, day out till the cows come home. It is a deep burgundy/red colour with a hint of brown tones through it, sounds sexy right, but eh YEAH it is!!! Perfect for a minimal makeup look and for a more extreme 'eyes and lips' look. Super sexy and Yes, I find myself posing and 'cheek-sucking-in' whilst I'm wearing it and that there is the definition of a good lipstick.

    So I'll show you guys and let you be the judge, jury and executioner as they say....

I love it, you should too!!!! :)

Kate xXx

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