Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Kate Moss for Rimmel!

    Boot's 3-for-2 is quite simply the death of me! I wait and wait and wait to buy drugstore makeup until the 3-for-2 offer comes around, and when it does I spend a shameful amount of money, money I don't have ha!

   Kate Moss recently brought out a new line of 'Kate Moss for Rimmel' matte lipsticks off the back of the success of her first line for them. And I must say I am loving the new ones. The packaging is sleek and eye-catching and even though it is a small selection, there is quite a range of colours. As I recently bought a couple of Mac lipsticks in darks and reds, I decided to try out the Rimmel nudes. I bought one from the new colour (the red packaging) and one from the older collection (the black packaging).

   The newer nude, no.113 (I wish they are cool names like in Mac, I hate numbers), is a peachy nude. Very much a colour like 'Shy Girl' from Mac but just a matte finish. I quite like how creamy the lipsticks are even though they are matte in finish. I do in general prefer matte lipsticks, they are much longer lastly but they can seriously dry out your lips, a problem I constantly have, (Blistex Intense Moisturiser is my lips best friend). the peachy nude is nice, defo a nude most suited to a more golden-toned skin tone, but use paleys can still rock it.

   The second nude I got, from the old collection is no.03, a slightly pinkier nude, similiar to 'Honey-Love' from Mac, another matte nude. I bought 'Honey-Love' and lost it two days later, heartbreaking to say the least. So, instead of  splashing out on another Mac one, for €18, a €6.99 on will do me just grand!!! Again, very creamy on the lips, similar consistency to Mac's matte lipsticks (but obviously I do prefer Mac's, they are my hands-down favourites).

   You really can't go wrong with a nude. Perfect for an everyday lipstick or for something to contrast your smokey eye on a night out. Give Kate Moss for Rimmel a go, worth the money and you will defo get your use outta these lippies.

Has anyone purchased any of Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipsticks? What shades are you Ladies loving??

Kate xXx

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