Sunday, 21 September 2014

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Must Haves

        Blank Canvas Cosmetics are quickly becoming a go-to brand for affordability. Pair this with excellent quality and they are a Brand worthy of a look. Blank Canvas Cosmetics are an Irish brand that was founded to bring affordable prices to the European market and help cut down on large custom and shipping costs that are inevitable when ordering from International Companies. 

    As a MakeUp Artist it is easy to get caught spending a large amount on brushes and products for my kit, so finding an affordable brand, and an Irish brand at that, is simply a godsend. I discovered Blank Canvas products last Christmas, when I received a few brushes as gifts and have repurchased ever since.

First up is the Contour/Highlight Kit #1.

          Literally everything for a MUA, or a makeup enthusiast. Shades for Highlighting the skin and keeping that lighter under-eye area light, and also shades for Contouring the skin. The powders are quick light on the skin and very buildable, great for a strong contour or just a slight bronzing of the face. As you can see from the photo below, there is a peach shade in the centre, I don't use this shade, doesn't serve any purpose for me but for the price of the palette, I don't mind. The palette is currently on sale too, only €10.99!! Buy here.
Check out my Facebook page here to see this bad boy in action, I use it on all my clients! 

Next up is there brushes.
Lots of great High-End dupes to be found on this site. Only differences between them is the price point. A large collection of different brush styles so there is definently brushes here for anyones tastes. 
Some of my favs.

Some of my favourites include:

E23- white haired pencil brush, dupe of Mac 219 €6.99
E24- white haired flat shader brush, dupe of Mac 239 €6.99
E25- black haired fluffy blending brush, dupe of Inglot 6SS €6.99
E26- white haired blending brush, dupe of Mac 217 €6.99
(note: these can be bought as doubled ended brushes).
F20- flat synthetic kabuki foundation brush, dupe of Sigma F80 €13.99
F25- fluffy synthetic powder brush €13.99
F23- tapered synthetic concealer brush €13.99
F30- scuplting contour brush €19.99
F15- small tapered contour/highlight brush (red hair) €13.99

All brushes can be purchase from BlankCanvasCosmetics payment accepted through paypal. Shipping is fast also if you're ordering from Ireland, so you're not left waiting too long for you purchases, which is always a bonus! I am also always impressed with how the palette comes shipped, carefully bubbled wrapped to insure its safety, not many brands, even the high end ones offer this. I 100% recommend these brushes, especially if you are looking for great quality on a budget, look no further! 

Kate xXx

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