Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Inglot Liner, My Favourite liner!

I've had many people asking me about my gel liner flicks lately, I'm a massive fan of liner flicks, I feel naked without them, so they are a must for me makeup wise at the moment! And the product that I use is Inglot's infamous gel liner in 77! For me, this is not only my favourite gel liner over all the gel liners I've tried but i'd go so far to say that it is my favourite Inglot product over ALL the Inglot products (and believe me they some really good ones!) 

So, the Inglot liner is a matte liner, no shimmer, no sparkle or glossy finish on the the product! It's a waterproof and smudgeproof product, meaning this baby ain't going anywhere once it is applied and dried in (takes just less than a minute to dry in). The product is a really creamy consistancy and very easy to apply, just use either an angled or pointed synthetic tipped brush! It comes in a range of colours, from the brightest yellows and turquoises to the more 'normal' chocolate brown and greys! My favourite is obviously the black but the grey and chocolate brown makes a nice change to the traditional black or for those of you who think black is too harsh of a colour!

The best thing about this product??? Its price! At 14euro it beats out most of the major brands for value! Mac's Black Track Fluidline is around 17.50 and even then you get more product with the Inglot liner (a large pot that will last you forever, esp if you don't use it every day).

The only bad point about this product, and believe me it is definitely not too bad of a point, its hard to get off! Because the product is waterproof and smudgeproof it makes for a very long lasting liner, in fact I've woken up with it in the exact same place and black intensity the morning after the night before (I was too lazy to take my makeup off after a night out). But Inglot also do an AMAZING waterproof makeup remover which removes every last bit of the liner and it's only 8euro for a large bottle of it! Well worth the investment for an easy life!!

Here's a sneak peak at what it looks like on....

And for those of you who love a smokey eye??? Apply this baby to your inner waterline for a night out and you are GUARANTEED not to have to reapply any liner for the whole night like you would with a kohl pencil!

Has anyone ever tried Inglot's gel liner??? Let me know what you think!!!

Thanks for reading!
Kate xXx

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