Saturday, 24 March 2012

New Products Haul and Review!

 In an effort to find more affordable products to grace my makeup bag (and to save some money as I'm going on holliers soooon :) ) I headed to Boots on my lunch break from work the other day and onto Penney's to the Catrice counter and I have to say I think I found some good ones, or at least in my opinion! Now as I have only had them for a few days this is only my immediate opinion on the products so it could change but so far so good! So getting on with it then.....

   First up is a face primer, 'Prime and Fine' from Catrice Cosmetics, a seriously affordable brand which some great products! (Three of my new products are from Catrice). For those of you who don't know, primers are a brilliant product, great for smoothing out the texture of you skin giving your foundation a new base to work with so it looks more flawless (and we all want flawless) and also helps to make your makeup last longer. Great for people who have oily skin if you use a velvety feeling primer, stay away from silicon based ones, they will not be your friend. The Catrice Primer comes in a small circular tub, smaller because you don't actually need that much of it! It claims to smooth out your skin and help to refine and minimise pores and lines and whilst I don't have any fine lines I have found that my foundation is lasting longer and my skin is looking more 'flawless', so so far so good! And at around €5.50 it really is worth a go!


    Next is Catrice's new-ish mascara 'Lashes to Kill', a mascara they claim makes the eyes more open and bright. Now I am always skeptical about buying cheap mascara, they always getting really clumpy and don't last long at all and the wand is never great but something caught my eye about this one. The wand is actually perfect on it!! It is a big enough wand yet not too big! And so far the wand hasn't been overloaded with product which always happens to cheap mascaras. I'm expecting this not to last too long but at around €4.50 I actually won't mind buying a new one!

    Next up is Concealer. One from Catrice, a 'Retouch Light Reflecting Concealer' which is designed for the under eye area, and a Collection 2000 'Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer' for redness or blemishes. The Light Reflecting Concealer aims to brighten up the under eye area by reflecting the light from the sun or any natural daylight to reduce any dark circles. We all suffer from lack of sleep at some points so using a illuminating concealer will help you to look more awake! I got number 010 Ivory the lightest they have because I'm quite pale as most us Irish girls are but they have darker colours also. Only down-point would be a lack of colour choice but hopefully they will bring out more colours soon! As for the Collection 2000 concealer, I love this!!!! Really does exactly what it says on the tin! It covers up redness or anything you want to cover up! It does however claim to give up to 16 hours cover, emmm?? I don't think so!! It does last through a good days work but 16 hours?? There are not many products that would last 16 hours and if there is I have yet to find them! But still though I do really like this concealer! It's only €8 and really worth a try out! 

    Now in the top photo you can see some Revlon Lip Butters! I bought a light pink one, 'Cotton Candy' and a peachy/coral one 'Peach Parfait'. Now these are so gorgeous I'm going to save them for a separate review because I think they deserve them! They are brand new out and are just like a glaze on the lips without being a full on lipstick! That's all I'm going to say on them right now but there will be a review on them in the next few days so watch out!!! :)

    Last but not least I picked up some of the new Katy Perry for Eyelure Eyelashes! I haven't tried them out yet but I think I'm going to love them! They come in 4 different styles and as you can see I got the yellow box called 'Oh Honey'. Defo my type of lashes, really wispy and don't look like they're going to be too heavy on the eye so easy to make look more 'realistic'. Love them! Can't wait to wear!!! :) 

   So while it seems like I bought a good few things it wasn't too bad, Boots have a 3-for-2 on cosmetics going on at the moment so defo worth a trip they as you get something for free! And that is always good! :) I hope you enjoyed this read and it inspires you to try out some of the goods as they aren't too expensive and you can usually find all these brands in your local chemist. Let me know how you all get on!!!!

   Also some things to look forward to...I've got a few different products on the way from different brands so there will be reviews galore in the next few weeks so stay tuned.... :)

Thanks for reading...
Kate xXx

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