Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New Maybelline EyeStudio Colour Tattoo 24hr eyeshadow!

    Much excitement and hype have surrounded the new colour tattoo eyeshadows from Maybelline so I have found myself searching for them every time I enter Boots or any Chemist selling Maybelline Cosmetics! And then, when I finally found them they had a limited colour selection in stock as all the colours haven't been released in Ireland yet as far as I can tell so I only bought two because I didn't want to waste too much money if they were crap!!

    The shadows themselves have been compared to the Mac Paint Pots (only substantly cheaper) that are becoming ever more popular and I personally love!! The are gel/cream eyeshadows that are supposed to remain crease-less, have a brilliant colour pay-off and give a long lasting effect!

   I choose two shades that I thought would be nice now we're coming into Summer! The first is 05-Eternal Gold, a light, somewhat metalic gold but blends down to a soft gold that would be gorgeous for a wash across the lid with some mascara for a gorgeous daytime Summer look! The second colour I chose was a darker, night-time eyeshadow, 35-On-and-On Bronze. This one is a beautifully rich bronze that I think would look gorgeous matched with a cranberry shadow and black liner for a smokey eye with a twist!

Just did a quick look with the Bronze colour and a cranberry....

  Overall I found the shadows to be really good to work with, easy to blend and quite long lasting (I purposely went to bed with a swatch of the Bronze colour on my hand and it was still there when I woke up, pretty impressive I think!!). Generally I find cream eyeshadows stay sticky on my lid for for ages and I get bored waiting for them to dry so they crease quite quickly but I found the Colour Tattoo's dry quite quickly which is a great point about them but it does mean you have too work quite quickly with them! This isn't a bad thing though because sometimes you can overwork you eyeshadow and ruin it so these shadows help with keeping blending to a minimum!
   P.S....They also claim to be 24hour lasting, now while I haven't been wearing them for 24hours I have been wearing them for at least 12 hours, and guess what??? NO CREASING!!!! Swear to God, not telling a word of a lie, even more impressed now!!! :)

     The only disappointing factor I've found is the complete lack of neutral shades in the shadows. While they are similar to the Mac Paint Pots they lack the neutral, easy-to-slap-on-and-make-look-decent shadows like 'Painterly' or 'Groundwork' from Mac! Hopefully, through the sheer success of these brighter, more fun shades, Maybelline will bring out more, and hopefully they will be more wearable! I do really like them though, they are fun and easy to blend and wear and brilliant for a makeup look with a difference! :)

Thanks for reading! :)
Kate xXx

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