Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Revlon Lip Buttery Goodnesssssss!!!!!!!!!

    That's it, I'm borderline broke with all this spending on new products.....but ARGHHHH its soooo worth it that I don't even care because guess what???? I've found it....This Summer's MUST have lip product!!! Revlon Lip Butters, the best thing to happen to my lips since Mac's 'Shop Mac, Cook Mac' 'Quick Sizzle' matte lipstick!! I adore these glazes!!!

So what's different I hear you asking??? Well, first of, you have to know they are not a traditional lipstick! They are a butter, a creamy, moisturising lip glaze with has hint of coloured pigment in them! (kinda like the tinted moisturiser concept) What's brilliant about these products is that they give a glaze of colour on the lips without being highly pigmented and too in-your-face! They are fantastic for your lips, with ingredients like Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil and Coconut Oil that make your lips feel great and kept highly moisturised, (now I don't care less what ingredients are in it as long as it does the business, and these do!)

I bought a couple of the colours as I had heard that they were amazing (they're getting rave reviews in America at the moment)! I wanted to try both a pink tone and a peach tone, so I got a 'Peach Parfait' and a 'Cotton Candy', (I think you can guess what colour is which tone) !! After trying out these particular shades I went back to buy more and guess what?? Sold out (or at least the ones I wanted)! It just shows you what a bit of hype from Stateside can do! They go on really smoothly and glide like a lipstick but don't leave any stickiness or scent or flavour on your lips like a normal chapstick or gloss!

The packaging is also really pretty! Not very expensive looking or anything but quite pretty and sleek! They have a colourful, frosted cover that is the same as the lip butter itself! The butters cost me just under 12e each, totally worth it I must admit, and as I said in my previous blog, Boots have a 3-for-2 offer on all cosmetics at the moment, so defo time to stock up on some goodies now! :) These butters have had such hype that even L'oreal has brought out there version of them (Caresse Riche or something like that) in hopes of bettering them! I took at look at these too but I thought they were a lot more pigmented (and more expensive) so I figured that they wouldn't be much like a glaze and more like a lipstick, and not what I wanted!

Have I convinced you to buy them yet??? Should I keep going??? I don't think I need to, these puppies would sell themselves !! :) Let me know what you guys think! :) I'm off to buy more of these guys, if I can find them...absolutely loving them!

Thanks for reading!!
Kate xXx

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