Thursday, 8 March 2012

Revive your hair!!!

Not only do I love all things makeup but I'm obsessed with my hair as well, shock, horror! After years of putting blonde highlights in my hair you can imagine how crappy of a condition my hair is in, the ends are split and I have no intention of cutting my hair (they ALWAYS cut way too much off!). So because of my stubborness, I really do need something that is going to revive and protect my hair and try and make them healthy again!

3 words do it all: Kérastase Elixir Ultime!!! Wowsers!!! From the smell right down to the texture of the serum this is perfect! It really does exactly what it says on the packaging! My hair is revived! It looks and feels so much better when I've used this product!! It's a staple in every girls haircare bag, especially us long haired ladies!!

Now comes the price...and I know people are not going to be too happy when I say its in and around 35euro, give or take! But believe me, it is so worth it!!! And Peter Mark's Salon's have 20% of at the moment so it would only be around 28euro if you get it now, because you will live to regret it if you don't!!!! One or two pumps into your hand and spread through the ends of your hair, Boom, done! and it lasts soooooooooo long!!! A bottle will last you months (if you don't lose yours and have to buy another one like I did :/)!!!

Buy it, Buy it, BUY IT!!!!!!

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Kate xXx

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