Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Best Budget Buys!!!

So, welcome to what, in my opinion, are the best makeup buys for those of you who are on a budget, and lets face it, in these times, we are ALL on a budget!!! Eurgh! First I should start by saying that this are just some of the products that I love from 'cheaper' brands so they might not suit you skin type and even be to your taste, makeup wise! I'd also like to put it out there that I buy most of my 'cheaper' brand makeup in Boots and generally only when they have a 3-for-2 offer on (which they do at the moment), so I don't feel so bad for buying loads of things then that way! :D

Anyway, boring stuff over, onto the makeup! :) ....

First up, Concealer! Now I have reviewed this concealer before, but I feel it really is worth a place in my Favourite Budget Buys! It is Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer! It really is beyond brilliant, all beauty bloggers are raving about it! Its thick enough to cover blemishes and thin enough to cover dark circles under the eye! Only bad point, not enough of a range of colours! Those of you who wear tan and have darker skin probably won't find a good colour in this! However, that is just a small complaint, the Concealor is in my book! :)

Nexxxxxxt....Mascara! Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara! This one is distinctive, pink and green packaging and it has been my absolute favourite mascara for years. I have tried plenty of others over the years (I even just bought two new ones today to try out and review) but I always revert back to this! In my opinion, it has the perrrrfect wand, small enough to separate lashes but big enough to coat the lashes perfectly. And it is brilliantly black! I've converted many a girl to this mascara, it's just that good! And if I remember correctly, it's just under €8 and just screams 'BARGIN' to me!

Nail Varnish.....All I have to say about this is, ANY nail vanish from Catrice! Just depends on what colours you like! €3.79 a bottle??? Can you go wrong??? And yes, the pigment is brilliant, two coats and you're flying! I have many of them at this stage, really love them! :)

This is the stage where I find it difficult not to include some of my favourite high-end products, like my favourite lippie from Mac or their Eyeshadows but I'll have to restrain myself! :/

Eyeshadows, well these HAVE to be Inglot's infamous Freedom System Eyeshadows. Choose any colour, from a massive range of colours, and put them into a palette of your own creation! As many as a palette of 40 to as few as 2 eyeshadows, the choice is all your own! And the palettes start at €15 for two eyeshadows. The pigment is fantastic, the colour payoff is brilliant and they are seriously afforable. You really can't ask for anything better! (And I am not being biased just becuase I work for Inglot, the palettes you see below are just a few of MY own palettes).

There is so many other products that I could bang on about right now, such as Boujoir's Healthy Mix Foundation, or Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation both of which I adore! I could also go on about Revlon's Lip Butters or L'oreal's Colour Riche Lip Colours. I also Love Barry M Lipsticks, you can't beat them for serious colour payoff. I could also harp on about Eyelure Lashes or even a number of other products by Rimmel or Maybelline but they would all lead to a very long blog and I know I would lose you attention fairly rapidly, so I've stuck to just a few things that I feel are right up there in contension for 'Best Budget Buy'. I hope you've enjoyed this blog and it steers you in the right direction when you're faced with an overwhelming amount of products in the Boots or wherever! :D

Thanks for reading! :)

Kate xXx

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