Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Topshop Goodness!

So, today's post is makeup related but not makeup from the tradional brands! I always check out the makeup stand in Topshop just on Stephen's Green, the colours really catch my eye all the time, but I never really think the quality would be that great! I've watched youtube videos about the blushers from topshop and how nice people think they are so I figured it was worth a shot!

There is so much variety when I went in that I didnt even know where to begin so I figured I go for some sensible options for summer! A highlighter and a mascara! And let me tell you, I think I am in love, well with the mascara anyway! I know I've just blogged about my favourite mascara being Maybellines Great Lash Mascara but part of my now thinks I've that I spoke too soon! Yikes! New Mascara in Town, 'Lash Catcher' by Topshop!!!! Sheer Brilliance! I'm not sure what words I can use to describe how much I ADORE this mascara (is adore too strong a word?? Meh I think not)!!!!

Even the packaging is so pretty that I couldn't bring myself to throw away the box! Ha, sad but true! When I first open the wand I was actually disgusted, its plastic looking and looks like the crappiest wand Ive ever laid my eyes on....Boy was I wrong! Never judge a book by its cover Ladies! The wand is sheer brilliance!No mascara has ever curled my lashes as much without having already used a eyelash curler! I love this! My lashes look fuller and my eye looks brighter and more open! Fantastic! €15 and worth every penney! Is there a bad point??? Yes, a little bit of a one, don't bother trying to re-do your mascara throughout the day, it will crumble off your lashes, doubling  up just doesn't work but you know what?? I DON'T CARE, love this mascara!!

Not the best photo to show how good it is but sure.....

Next Up, Highlighter! Everyone needs a hightlighter for summer! These one is beautifully golden, probably a little too 'yellowy gold' for my skin tone but used in moderation it is gorgeous! It comes in a massive package too, which for €15 as well feels well worth the money! In fairness to Topshop Makeup, they are very generous with the amounts that they give in there products which impresses me quite a bit! As you can see from the photo below, the highlighter gives you a gorgeously sunkissed look which I love. It's called 'Sunbeam' and really does give you that 'kissed-by-the-sun' look, a perfect look for Summer! We all love that dewy, fresh look for Summer and this puppy is a beaut! And at €15 is really is very affordable and well in budget for the amount you get!

Great deals and products from Topshop in my opinion! Love these products, well worth the money! The biggest down point for Topshop Makeup though is that it isn't sold in every Topshop, booooo!! The nearest one to me is Stephen's Green and its effort to get in there, they defo need to widen the shops it is sold in, I'm sure it would do so much better if it was more widely available! Just a thought really!

One last thing to show you before I go....Razzmatazz Nail Varnish!! BOOOOOM! LOVE IT!!! By far my favourite nail varnish at the moment! Topshop nail varnish is actually brilliant and its only €8!!!! In my opinon it is an absolute steal at that price, fantastic pigment and massive colour choice!!! LOVEEE!!! :)

Thanks for reading,

Kate xXx

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