Friday, 4 May 2012

Summer Lips with Clinique Chubby Sticks!?!

    So, I've decided to move away from reviewing 'High Street' Brands, while for this blog anyway because I'm sure I'll be back to them soon enough! This blog is all about Clinique's Chubby Sticks, a moisturizing lip colour balm. Now seeing as I am a big fan of Revelon Lip Butters, it kinda doesn't make too much sense to suddenly move to a more expensive version but in fairness I did have one of these chubby sticks before I discovered lip butters and just recently I rekindled my love for them.

    So, whats so good about them?? The moisturisation! They feel unbelievable on your lips, dare I say better than the lip butters?? Yes, I dare! And another thing that is different from the lip butters?? The chubby sticks are matte in colour (not in finish), no sparkle, shimmer glitter or any other texture that feels crappy on your lips. These sticks are ideal for Summer. Pop them on during the day to give yourself a lift to your everyday makeup or pair them with a smokey eye at night to finish of your look.

    My first shade, 06 Woppin' Watermelon, of which I 'permanently borrowed' from my mother's makeup stash (Thanks!). Pink toned balm. Perfect for a hint of a pink color without being too bold! Great for people who aren't courageous or adventurous to try a daring pink lip!
   The second shade was a recent purchase. 04 Mega Melon, a peachy tone balm. I felt this was a good investment because peach tones are all the rage at the moment and makes a change to your normal pink tone glosses. Peach tones can also be more flattering on bronzed or tanned skin just as an f.y.i! I just love the look that this Mega Melon color gives, really flattering on the skin! Thank you Clinique!!! :):)

    I'll be honest about this, my favorite part of these sticks, the packaging. When you hear the word stick you immediately think of having to pare the damn things, and if you anything like me you take chunks out of the pencil trying to pare it, and then it snaps and you keep paring and it gets smaller and smaller and BAMN you have to buy a new one. Oh Clinique, how you make me happy! Hello twisty lid. Just turn the end of the the stick and hello pared nib! This keeps me sane and makes me love the chubby sticks even more!!!

Now the bad bit, Chubby Sticks price, in and around €20 (yikes!) but worth the money! It is a serious investment for this Summer, and guess what 8 new shades for Summer 2012!! I know I will be investing! Clinique have some great little gems in there collection (I'm also partial to their mascaras) and I really love the free gifts they give out with every purchase (free things make me happy)!

What do you guys think about these Chubby Sticks?? Has anyone tried them? Or any other Clinique products?? Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!
Kate xXx

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