Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Highlighting Love!!!

    It is Summer, and Summer means bronzing goodness, glowing skin and just looking beautifully sun-kissed!!! And thee single best way to achieve the best Summer look, HIGHLIGHTER!!! And I bloody looooooove highlighters!!! I'm a highlighter freak, it is definitely a product that I cant leave the house without!
   If you were to have a look at my makeup collection you would see an enviable selection of highlighter choices, my only problem is picking which damn one I'm going to wear everyday! However, lately I've been introduced to the beauty of Jemma Kidd All Over Radiance cream highlighter!

   This one is an absolute beauty! It's a cream highlighter that is perfectly suited to my skin, colour wise, I've got 01 Ice Gold! I just cant get enough of this highlighter!! Even though it's a cream consistency it looks just like a powder and you have no problem applying over your setting powders and bronzers because normally when you use any cream products I would always recommend applying before any powders (mini tip there :) )!

    With highlighters applying them in the places that basically stick out from your face gives the best effect! These places are cheekbones, under the brows on the brow bone, down the centre of the nose and on your cupids bow above your lip (this gives the impression of a fuller lip)!
    Jemma Kidd Makeup was once sold in Harvey Nichols in Dundrum (I can hear what your thinking, $$$$$$$$$$ big bucks! And you probably wouldn't be too far wrong!) It's 17pds sterling and you can now only buy it online, the counter has been removed from Harvey Nichols, booooo!!! :( Thank god for the internet!!! :):)

Find this highlighter somewhere online and buy this puppy now!! And just incase you can find's a link...
Your Welcome! :P

Thanks for reading,
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  1. I have heard such good things about this product, really need to try it x

    1. Defo, its the perfect highlighter for Summer! :) x


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