Sunday, 13 May 2012

New Mac Lipsticks Love!

   If there is one thing that I LOVE doing , it's going into Mac and spending toooooooo much money on lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows and well lets face it pretty much anything I can lay my hands on! The way I spend money ya'd swear I was rollin' in it! I love Mac so much I was there 3 days in a row?? Bit much maybe???? Nahh!
   So I'm going to show you some of the bits I bought, well I'm going to show you the lipsticks anyway! I've gone a tad crazy with lipsticks lately, (I bought 5 in 2 days, ooops!). I've started to just focus my makeup on lips lately with simple eyes so I figured I needed for new ones! And let's face it,  the smell of the lippies are worth the money in itself! €17.50 a pop, but it's Mac so it's worth it, right? Well, at least that's what makes me justify buying so many!

    First up...and I'm only going to show you 3 of the 5....Shy Girl, a marvellously nudey peace, ugh how I love this colour! It actually makes me so happy (I know I'm weird but hey)! It's gorgeous for Summer, nudey but still enough of a colour to make a difference! It's a cremesheen finish so it keeps your lips keep creamy and moisturising! I love this, perfect for those of you who want a colour but are too scared to go all out...keep it peachy Ladies! :) 

    The next one up is also a great choice for you girls who want a colour but that colour scares you! Lovelorn, a dolly pink, lustre lipstick! Another really nourishing lipstick for you lips! I love this colour, it really adds a brightness to my face and keeps your lips from looking dead! I much prefer using lipsticks in favour of using glosses, they simply last longer and ya dont have to reapply as often as a gloss! This would also be a winner of us pale skinned girls!   

     Now first of, I apologise for this picture...I really need to start getting better at taking pictures! This one is Lady Danger! Now I love me some red lipstick, but I usually prefer going for blue toned reds because they make your teeth sparkling white but I went for a change this time, Lady Danger is as orange toned a red as you will ever find, (I just make sure not to smile while wearing it ha). It's a matte lipstick, making it last longer on you lips but the thing I find about Mac's matte lipstick collection is that it is sooo nourishing on your lips, it doesn't seem to dry your lips out as much as other matte lipsticks that I've tried! The colour is so beauiful and looks fab on both darker complexions and lighter ones! You just have to be brave enough to try something new! Do you dare to try something new?????? Ahhhh go on....!!

     Those are just 3 of the 5 that I bought over the last few days,  I also bought Russian Red, a blue toned matte lipstick (ya know just to have options and all) and also Sandy B, another coral nude, but this one has a slight glitter to it, really beautiful lipstick but I am starting to wonder why I bothered buying two nudey coral/peaches?? I am a puzzle even to myself!

    Mac Lipsticks are my vice lately, I'd say I have at least 20, if not more at this stage, once you start buying it really is hard to stop, #addicted! Have you ladies tried any?? What are your favourite colour?? Are you looking for the perfect Mac lipstick? It can be overwhelming at first in Mac, there are so many to choose from, and from my lipstick collection I'm sure I could help find the perfect colour....Tell me all.....

Thanks for reading!
Kate xXx


  1. wowoow, that pink lipstick is absolutely gorgeous!
    I wanna go to MAC and buy everything too.. its a shame its so expensive.
    Check out my blog too, its in spanish but there is a translation link below each post ;)

    1. It really is gorgeous! Perfect pink colour in my opinion and worth the money even though it is expensive! :) I will check out you blog for sure! :)


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