Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Lush's Dream Cream!

   As an eczema sufferer myself, and I'm surprised at how many people out there suffer from it, I struggle to find something to keep my skin at ease! No matter how many times i visit the doctor and how much steroid creams I'm given, nothing seems to work! My skin just leaves me feeling wildly uncomfortable! But, recently I was recommended to try a product from the shop 'Lush', just off Grafton Street. This product was called 'Dream Cream'.

   Now hearing that the cream was from Lush left me a tad uneasy...even just walking by the shop, the smells are so strong and for me a bit overbaring! I purposely have never been in there because the smell is tooooo much! My skin is sooooo bloody sensitive strong smells drive it crazy, it's like I'm allergic to everything! Fragrance free is my friend! But I figured I've tried everything else, no harm in giving this one a whirl, if it didn't work, at least I can say I tried! And the girls in the shop are so nice they convinced me that I'd just found the miracle cure for eczema (eh??). I might as well just point out at this point, it's not just eczema suffers, I'd imagine all you people who have serious skin conditions would benefit from this (psoriasis, dry skin etc...).
   It's a hand and body lotion, and according to the packet it's "Lush's no.1 selling product'. it;s 'cooling and soothing cream that is designed to go on even the most sensitive and easily upset skins'. It's primary ingredient is oats, and for those of you that don't know, oats are like seriously good for soothing sensitive skin (no, I didn't know this either...)!

     Now there is good bit of scent from the cream, not too smelly in relation to the other stuff Lush sell, it smells kinda like tea-tree oil. It's a thick enough cream so it takes a bit of time to soak into the skin, which is good for me because I need a more longer lasting cream than one that just absorbs quickly. Massaging it into the skin has really helped me I must say, its very soothing and immediately I noticed a difference. I didn't feel like scratching the skin of myself, for once! My favourite part of this cream is the fact I don't have to apply it every single day, I find just one application every two days has really improved my skin and seriously eased my woes!

    You might find that this doesn't work for you, but then again it might be the dream product for you, at around 16e it is definitely worth a go! It really has helped me and I had labelled myself a lost cause, as nothing has ever worked before!

Dream Cream is the way forward for me! :)

Thanks for reading!
Kate xXx

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