Sunday, 17 June 2012

All about the brows....

   Brows, brows, brows! You either love them or you hate them. I love them, probably not as much as other makeup artists do but love them none the less. My hair is quite fair so I do prefer a lighter tone through my brows but I know a lot of other makeup artists like the full on dark, and for what of a better term, 'scouse-brow'. It doesn't suit me so I don't even entertain the thought.

   I use three products on my brows, yes three, sometimes all three together or else just one at a time. I use an eyeshadow powder from Inglot, a crayon pencil from Mac and a long lasting ink pencil from Gosh Cosmetics. They are all 'wheat-ish', 'blonde-brown' in colour, a colour that suits my complexion quite well. I am quite fair and have fair hair as well (even though blonde isn't natural, I am quite fair naturally), I find that the slightly lighter browns suit my brows and give them a naturally fullness. Anything darker and I really do look like I've two caterpillars above my eyes, and eh, yuck!
    My Mac crayon pencil, in the colour 'Lingering', is not a full coverage pencil, it's quite light in coverage, possibly from being a light colour. I use this to draw out the shape of my brows. Nobody's brows are equally the exact same, 'Your brows are sisters, not twins' (God I hate that saying), so i like to draw out the shape of my brows first to try and get them as close to symmetrical as possible.
'Lingering' is a twist-up pencil. This is the only thing I HATE about this product, you can't actually see how much you have left. The packaging is black and you can't see what how much is pencil. In fact, it was only when I was taking this picture that I realised that my pencil is done, nothing left. This is very frustrating and I wish Mac would change it. Other than that I really like the pencil, it does what I need it to do so I can't complain too much and it's just 14.50e per pencil, not as expensive as other Mac products. Guess I'll be making a trip to Mac soon enough to do some product replacing....yikes!!!

    After I use 'lingering' I fill in my brows with an Inglot shadow, no.342, a blonde/brown eyeshadow that I use to feather through my brows. It matches 'lingering' perfectly in colour so helps to fill in the outline that I've created. Although I do like the colour, it doesn't give enough coverage when I'm finished, I always end up going through my brows again with 'lingering' to thicken up the brows. For the days that I'm not going to work, or not going out, I just use the shadow through my brows, it makes it very natural and is very easy to do and its only 6e per eyeshadow pan in Inglot. My favourite brush to use is a Mac 266 although there is cheaper alternatives out there.
    Next up is the newest edition to my brow collection, and is something that I use only for going out or for going to work as it makes my brows very strong and well defined. It's Gosh's long lasting brow pen. It is like an ink for the brows so makes the final look very strong. I had heard a bit about this before I bought it and heard it was 'life-changing' in makeup terms. It was 10.50e in Awear and so far I am impressed. I use it to outline the underpart of my brows, helping them to look more defined and my arch to look higher. They sell them in 4 different shades, mine is the lightest, 0004 wheat. Can be used on its own but does give a strong look, so just bare that in mind.

    Just looking back over this shows me how much effort I put into my brows. Maybe a bit too much effort for the 'more natural but full' brow look that I go for. But I don't mind, I'd feel weird if I didn't go through this ritual everyday. It's all the little details right??? ha!
Any of these products would look perfect on their own, defo worth giving them a whirl and try out something new to transform your brows. Don't be scared as most girls are when it comes their brows. Brow products change how you wear your makeup. It really finishes off your makeup look.....

Thanks for reading,
Kate xXx


  1. have you found a blondey colour that isnt full of red tones? Ive bought omega from mac and it would suit a ginger gal. but ive blonde blonde hair. just doenst suit. ive been using inglot brow powder in 560 or 506, cant remember. its a lovely cool brown but waaay to dark. Any help?

    1. Hey! Ive used Omega from Mac too, but I don't like it. no.342 shadow from Inglot is the only shadow colour that Ive found that suits my coloring. 560 brow powder is the lights one that Inglot sell, the lightest one Ive found in that colour in fact. Maybe if your looking for something sheerer you shut try Inglot's brow pencil no.506, its that blondy brown colour and is quite sheer on, you'd have to put on loads for it to come out really dark! Worth a try anyway, its only 10e aswel! hope that helps! :)


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