Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cranberry and Bronze Eyes!

Step by Step Eyes for Summer Ladies!!!

    Most of you may, or may not know, but Cranberry/Burgundy colours are my FAAAAVOURITE eyeshadows. So flattering on all eye colours and are really underrated in my opinion. They are difficult to use though, use it wrong and you instantly look like you've had a box in the eye, so may sure you blend the bejaysus out of it with  another shadow colour. 

Step 1: First step is to prime the eye by either using an Eye Primer, my favourite is Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, or you can otherwise use a small bit of your concealer. Place this all over the eye, right up to the brow, I would then usually say use you setting powder or an 'eggshell' eyeshadow to matt this down to avoid creases but today I'm using a cream eyeshadow so that step isn't important. 

Step 2: Using a synthetic flat brush, take some of your Maybelline Colour Tattoo and start packing the colour onto the lid, keep applying this until you are happy with the colour and depth of the cream shadow. (You can of course use a normal bronze powder eyeshadow in place of this cream shadow). You will now want to take a blender brush, this will be a really tapered, fluffy brush, and then blend out the edges of the edges of the bronze shadow to create a soft edges in your socket line.
 Step by Step:

Step 3: Next you will need to take your cranberry shadow and using the same blending brush softly blend the colour into the socket. Blending into your socket means that you will apply the shadow where your eye folds back into itself and moving over and back, much like a windscreen wiper motion, until you are happy with the colour and intensity. I’ve chosen to use Mac’s ‘Cranberry’ Eyeshadow but there are dupes of this colour in every brand this season as it is very popular. 
Step 4: Once you are happy with the colour and shape of your eyeshadow, it is time for eyeliner. Now, eyeliner can be scary for some people but it really is all about practice. I’m using Inglot Cosmetics infamous black Gel in no. 77, which is by far the best gel liner on the market today, in my opinion, I rarely go a day without using it. Using an angled brush, mine is from Mac, and starting in the centre of my eye stenciling the liner across my lashes. I always choose to do a dramatically thick, winged liner but you can always choose to do a liner that would be less dramatic and more suited to your own eye shape.
Step 5: To finish off the look, apply any kohl black liner to the bottom waterline and smudge any matte, black shadow to soften the bottom lashline and give the look a smokier look. You can add lashes for a more dramatic look, otherwise apply your mascara and away you go. Today I used Clinque's High Impact Mascara, my current favourite mascara. 

                                                         Products Used:
                                          Brushes Used:

I hope you find these hints and pictures to be really helpful and that you enjoyed learning something new. Let me know what you think! Will this be something you try?? :)

Thanks for reading,
Kate xXx

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