Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Another Lush Beauty.

Lush is rapidly becoming a hotspot for me, beauty wise. First was my love affair with their 'Dream Cream', and now is this, a facial scrub, 'Ocean Salt Face Scrub'. I love this stuff, cocunut,avocado, grapefruit, lime and sea salt. It's a beaut. The last while my skin has taken a beating from my ezecma and I needed a remedy, and quick. Here she is....


Now, let's not be under any disillusion, this is quite honestly theeeeeee most painful face scrub I've ever used! Like I'm talking tears streaming down my cheeks painful! And as I said in my last Lush post, I fear Lush's perfumed products a little, because of an extreme sensitivity to perfumed products. The pain scared me a little, I thought I'd just made a huuuuge judgement error in using this scrub but nooo, no reaction, no nothing. Deeelightedd!! So other than the extreme painful process of using the damn thing, I have no other complaints. I have nothing but love for this scrub!

Not only have I just the Ocean Salt on my face, I've also used it on my body and it really is a rapid fix for severely dry skin. Along with a good moisturiser obviously. It's quite thick in consistency and as the name would suggest has quite large grainy particles in it. The avocado and cocunut replace hydration back into the skin, making the skin look much more refreshed and plump. Naturally the sea salt's harshness on the skin help to remove dry skin, effectively removing a dead layer of skin, rejunvenating the skin. Bleh, whatever, this stuff matter the amount of wording you use, there is no escaping the fact that this works. And it works well.

The scrub comes in two different sizes, a large (€16.70) and small tub, (€9.70). I just tried the small tub for starters but I know I'll be going back for more. It has really softened my skin and left it feeling fantastic, (being that bloody painful it would want to work wonders).

With my two recent purchases from Lush, I know that I will defo being going back for more! I really am enjoying discovering new products, especially in places I wouldn't normally entertain! :)

Thanks for reading...
Kate xXx

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