Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lashes, Lashes and mo' Lashes!

   Now, I am a big fake lash fan, they really do finish off you makeup look especially on a night out, I'd be lost without them. But, let's face it, they are super expensive to get some decent ones! Penney's do have some cheapie lashes but for me they are hard to apply sometimes and quite plastic and fake and on the other end of the scale Inglot's cheapest lashes are 10e and all Mac's are 12e I believe. Eyelure (which you can buy in most chemists) are like seriously expensive too and while I think they are worth the money, I would naturally like to avoid paying that amount if possible. And Ladies, it is possible.....May I introduce you too Amazing Shine!

These are like my superstar lashes!!! Not available in any shops, well not that I know of anyway, but this is okay for shopping in the comfort of my own home! Fine-by-me!!!!! I bought mine from here...Colour Cosmetics and well let's look at the price, I'm sure you can see why I love them!! Amazing value at 1.99 sterling, like hello???? I'm not being cheap by any stretch of the imagination like but these lashes are phenomenal!!! Not plastic looking, cheap, great value and great effect on!! You don't need to be smart to realise that you need to buy these!!!

Go try some out....even if you don't like them it's hardly breaking the bank!! (p.s. you will like them, in fact you will love them!)

Thanks for reading...
Kate xXx

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