Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday's Fix....

    So, today marks the first of many 'Friday Fix' slots to come...hopefully they will be every Friday 'cos that's the plan obviously enough. Today's fix is mascara. I love mascara, and I might as well let you in on something from the outset, I'm beyond rubbish at putting mascara on myself, there is always a clean up job to be done after I apply it...(this is probably a shocking statement to make as a make-up artist but sure...)
   Brand: Clinque,
   Mascara: High Impact Mascara.
I got this as a gift when I purchased a new Clinque Chubby Stick awhile back and I have to say it was possibly one the better gifts I've received from a cosmetics counter. Clinque give gifts with practically every purchase, and these are just crappy gifts, they're using tester size samples of their best selling products. The mascara came in a pretty little makeup case along with a gorgeous deep purple lipgloss. The gloss is pretty, too much glitter in it for my liking but still gorgeous.

The mascara is perfect. Lengthens and defines lashes, whilst curling them somewhat even without using eyelash curler. It's not the most long lasting mascara though....makes it easy to reapply throughout the day. I defo prefer mascara's like this, I hate clumpy, spidery mascara's that you can't reapply, which usually means they are waterproof and bloody impossibly to take off. At least with this mascara you can put the curl and lift back into your lashes throughout the day, suits me down to the ground.  

            Without Mascara (without make-up in general, hence the brows :D)
 With Mascara, lengthened and defined (and messy, my usual mascara look :D)

   Not the best photos ever but my photography skills lack at the best of times. I love this mascara, defo worth the money I'm going to be paying for the full size mascara. Clinque are known for their mascara, they have a fantastic 'Bottom Lash' mascara that has the 'bloggersphere' raving with everyone from Pixiwoo to Fleur De Force to whoever else using it in nearly every makeup tutorial. Now, these mascara would retail around the 20e mark, I'm imagining but totally work it. You really do get what you pay or. As good as you make this an Essence mascara is, its clumpy 9 times outta 10 and never lasts longer than a week. For value, you need to go a touch more expensive, and Clinque's High Impact mascara is worth the muhla.....!
    My next review on the cards....Benefit's Sun Beam, their fantastic new edition to their range....possibly next Friday's Fix?? who knows.... :)
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