Thursday, 28 June 2012

MaxFactor Mini's!!

Nail Time!!
   So, I recently got this MaxFactor 'Max Effect Mini' Nail Varnishes. Such tiny cute little bottles, and let's be honest, a much more realistic size nail varnish 'cos you would definately be able to get through a nail polish this size!!

   My first thoughts were that you would defo need like 4 coats of polish to make this colours look half decent on the nails, but oh how I was wrong. Fantasticly pigmented, you most certainly would get away with one coat, but I also do two coats to help avoid chipping!
   I bought 4! And I believe they were €4.95 (but don't hold me to that). I got a good, varied choice of colours, ones that I know I would defo use again and again.

     First up, Top leftl; no.14, 'Dazzling Blue'. Probably the least pigmented of the four that I bought, so two coats are defo needed but I actually really like the colour. Probably not something that I would wear just on it's own over all my nails but I like the 'skittle' effect with this colour thrown in. *Skittle effect is just what I call wearing loads of different nail varnishes at the one time. No chipping as of yet.

    Next, Top Right; no.11, 'Red Carpeet Glam'. Quite a bright reddy/orange, really nice colour and great pigment but again I probably would be sick of it if I wore it all over my nails. So far this colour is chipping the worst on my nails.

    Next, Bottom Left; no. 08, 'Diva Violet'. Loving this colour. I actually have something quite similar from Inglot, no.708 so I know I like the colour. Defo would wear this all over my nails and is wearing well. Slightly fading on one nail but no chipping as of yet.

   Last, Bottom Right; no.12, 'Diva Pink'. My favourite colour of the four. Really, heavily pigmented and looks great on my nails. Quite a strong pink but really suits even my pale skin. No chipping as of yet and I am really loving the colour.

I've painted all my nails different colours 'cos I really couldn't decide which one I wanted to use and I am loving the effect, its looking very 'circus-y' and while I don't like the circus, I do like my nails, even if I am the world's worst nail painter! :D

                                        Right to left: 'Diva Violet', 'Diva Pink', 'Dazzling Blue', 'Red Carpet Glam'.

So, all-in-all, loving these varnishes. Great size bottle, good price, easy to find, great pigment. If only they would come up with less boring names for the varnishes everything would perfect. They also have a huge range of colours so go find yours!! :)

Thanks for reading...
Kate xXx

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