Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I got new Mac...surprise, surprise.....HAUL!

    Just a quick share with you my new Mac products! Now, I have been good lately and not bought anything in Mac, so good in fact my lovely Mam treated me to these goodies....God, she is great!

     Three new shadows for my collection, a creme colour base and my first 217 blending brush (giddy with excitement about this brush...)

New Goodies!

The 3 shadows I got were;
  1. Retrospeck; a sparkly light gold, gorgeous on the lid.
  2. Espresso; a matte brown, perfect brown smokey eye colour.
  3. Smut; a dirty grey/brown colour, love this, perfect when u want to add don't want to add black.

Creme colour base in Pearl. Absolutely gorgeous cream highlight. It is a light yellowy gold that blends down to a sheer white, love this, gives that perfect 'wet' face look. After this one, I definenetly want to try out the Creme Colour base in Hush. I love highlights, I think they are money well spent, especially in Summer.

Creme Colour Base in Pearl.

    And then my brush. I am so excited to use this. It has to be the most commonly used brush in all youtube beauty videos and blogs. I feel many more of these bad boys will be in my kit in the very near future....

    And that is it for this haul.....I am currently on a beauty spending more buying unnecessary makeup that I don't need but if someone else buys it for me I'm not going to say no....

Thanks for reading,
Kate xXx


  1. it better when some else buys ;)

    1. Defo, always better when someone else buys!! :)

  2. hmm... loving the look of the cream base! must take a trip to the ol' Mac counter soon :))

    1. Ha, it will be an expensive trip to the Mac counter if your anything like me!!! :D


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