Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips!

   I can't put into words how much I have wanted to try these Baby Lips from Maybelline, but of course they don't sell them in Ireland, or even in the UK. Why? I don't know, probably just to annoy me! Grrr!! I seen sooooo much about how amazing these are from different bloggers and makeup artists and I have been dying to get at least one so I turned my debit card to the Ebay World, a place I wouldn't normally try for makeup. For the product and shipping (from Thailand) was only 4 euro! Couldn't really say no even if it took weeks to get here!

I wanted to choose a couple of different colours but I just got one (incase they were rotten, how sensible and unlike me!!). I choose 'Soothing Cherry', not because I like cherries or anything but simply 'cos I liked the colour of the lips on the packet. But, do you think that the balm turns my lips that colour? Eh no, misleading or what?? But anyway, smell is quite nice, cherries as you might imagine, not overwhelming and fades away pretty quick when on your lips. The balm itself is pretty moisturising on your lips, and does last a long time even for a cheapy product which surprised me a lot.

Tiny little little balm stick and it is a twist up device. A clear balm with the tiniest hint of pink through it. Doesn't make too much colour impact on the lips, mainly it is just a shiny gloss on the lips. Feels really nourishing, but it doesn't quite last the 8hr's that Maybelline says it does. I like it though, a good 4euro investment I think! :D

I'm defo going to buy a couple more of these Baby lips as they do help rejuvenate your lips for a small price and hopefully I'll find the ones that add a bit of colour to your lips. If I'm really hopeful though, maybe Maybelline will release them in Europe, or just Ireland, ya know whatever. Finger Crossed!

Anyway, check them out, and if anyone is in American and wants to buy them for me, don't hesitate, I won't mind! :D

'till next time, thanks for reading,
Kate xXx

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