Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Essie's Penny Talk.

   Essie is fast becoming my favorite nail varnish company. Loving all their colours, their pigment but not their price. Around €12/€13 and so far I have only found them in two Boots in Ireland, Liffey Valley and Jervis. Defo a brand that is more readily available in the UK and America, and probably cheaper too!
   I only have a couple of colours so far, but I am loving the newest one to my collection, 'Penny Talk', a yummy RoseGold metallic colour (obsessing over the rosegold colour at the moment).  Love the finish on my nails and it actually is the quickest drying nail varnish I've ever tried. Maybe that is because it is a metallic finish but whatever it is, I love it.

There are so many different colours on offer from Essie so I know I'll defo be visiting those stands again. Dare I say that I will be pledging on my future nail varnish buying to Essie and Essie alone?? Never say never but at this stage I can't imagine buying a crappy cheap nail varnish again. You really do get what you pay for with Essie!

Has anyone else tried Essie nail varnishes?? Or is it too expensive of a brand for you? What are your thoughts?? Let me know in the comments below??

Kate xXx


  1. Hi Kate,Just stumbled upon Youre blog now..Love it!
    Essie nailpolish have a new colour out,I just bought it in the U.S last week,its from their Luxeffects collection. The colour is 'Cut above' its so kool,full of glitter. Best way to apply for blinged out nails is to apply a coat of 'hi maintenance' as youre base and then apply 'a cut above'. it looks so on trend and great for accessorising any outfit. Try it and set the trend. Ive been using Essie for years,Love the brand,true,You'll spend a little more but you get what You pay for,and this brand is great,nice size bottles,lasts forever,so when cheaper brands clump up and dry out,youre essie keeps on going. A bit like investing in a concentrate clothes conditioner (took me ages to grasp the concept :)
    Oh yeah,they also have lovely cream collection called Essie Smoothies,some yummy flavs..check them out and let me know what You think.
    Happy Blogging!!
    Karyn..Miss Dubai :) (Irish lady in the middle east :) x

  2. Hi Karyn, Thanks a million for your comment. :) I love Essie, have only discovered it recently though 'cos they only started selling it in Ireland not so long ago and at that it's only sold in certain places. I must defo try this 'cut above' colour, love glittered nail varnish, my favourite is Topshop's Razzmatazz colour , hopefully they will have it released in Ireland or else it will be a online purchase! :) You defo get what you pay for with Essie so i'm happy to pay the little extra!
    Will defo let you know how I get on! :) Thanks again for your comment!! :)
    Kate xx

  3. The colour is so pretty! :)

    1. It surely is, and way prettier in real life!!! :)


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