Monday, 6 August 2012

Rimmel ScandalEyes ShowOff Mascara!

    So, I posted this on my Facebook Page the other day with the title 'Worst mascara ever' and after using it again I stand by my statement! My God, so shocked at how bad this mascara is 'cos I normally like (not love) Rimmel mascara's.

   I bought this one a whim, very much an impulse buy and now it's €9 that I'll not get back. Supposedly it is 'supposed' to define, volumize, lift and lengthen and even as I was applying this mascara the first time I knew it did none of these things. Instantly clumpy and very hard to use the wand, which is a duo wand (flat wand to plump and a unique ball wand that lifts and defines).
The main reasons I hated this mascara was because
   1. It is soooooo hard to remove.
   2. Serious fall down. Panda eyes are their best.

It's safe to say I'll not be using this again, nothing positive I can say about this at all except that I like the colour of the packaging but I won't be recommending this one to anyone based on a nice pink colour. I guess not all my blogs can be positive towards products! Oh well.

'till the next blog, thanks for reading,
Kate xXx


  1. I actually don't like anything by Rimmel!! It's no surprise this mascara is shite!!


    1. I normally like things from Rimmel so this was a surprise to me, especially their mascaras!! :O x x

  2. I'm using this at the moment and I couldn't believe how dry it was when I opened the tube... not impressed at all. The wand looked cool but again, the golden oldies of the mascara world seem to win every time!

    1. Defo need to stick to the Rimmel Golden Oldies, I was super disappointed with this purchase, not at all what I expected from Rimmel! The wand really didn't help matter either!! xx


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