Friday, 12 October 2012

New Maybelline Foundation: Fit Me!

   So Maybelline have released a new foundation, I'm not sure when it was released but it's only new to Ireland. I needed a new foundation having run out of all of my own foundation at the same time, typical! So, Boots 3-for-2 got me again.....

    Fit Me is a very liquid foundation, not a trace of powder or mattifying substance in it at all! Has a nice range of colours and a nice friendly and useful chart for matching your skintone. The chart helps to match you skintone with the foundation colours and a match concealor and powder. Not that I need help picking mind but for those of you who struggle to find the perfect colour it is very helpful! Anyway...I bought a more tanned foundation colour, no. 130 with matching powder 120. I have to say I really like the foundation. I love the consistency for my dry skin and also it has really good coverage. More of a medium coverage foundation but it is definently buildable. It does remain quite oily and liquid-like on the skin so if you don't like that finish or you don't like using a setting powder then this isn't the foundation for you. I use my Smanatha Chapman Real Techniques Buffing brush to apply. It's my ultimate foundation brush and if you have bought it already, I suggest you head to Boot's 3-for-2, perfect excuse for a purchase. (You'll find it in the 'Core Collection', the gold brushes.)
Powder and Foundation. Picture quality is awful sorry, flash was playing havoc with my camera.

    Fit Me Setting Powder, probably one of the worst pigmented powdered I've ever come across! Even if you scrub your brush into the powder it still doesn't give off a great amount of powder. Very disappointed. I constantly have to top up my powder throughout the day, more times than usual and is a pain to be honest. I will persist though because you never know it might get better, although I don't hold out great hope for such a miracle.  
Powder. More bad picture quality, Sorry.

     I quite like the packaging! Clear glass bottle with a black lid and pump. I love foundation that come with pumps, they are better than those without pumps, I end up wasting a load of product. Not that case with Fit Me though. Powder packaging is also nice. The bottom lifts up and there is a powder puff and a big mirror. The actual powder pan itself doesn't appear to be that deep so I don't think it will be lasting long, and for €8.99 and the bad pigmentation, I would be expecting it to last a good long time.

     As I said, Powder is €8.99 and Foundation is €11.99, currently on a special in Boots 'cos there new so now is the time to buy if you're going to try. There is also a Fit Me concealor and blusher too. However, the blusher is awful pigment and poor colour choices and I love my Collection 2000 concealer too much to change.

    So in summary, I like the foundation, would defo buy more of these, but I don't think the powder is worth the money. Sums it up nicely I think...
Has anyone else tried this new foundation? Let me know in the comments what you think!!

Thanks for reading,
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  1. I really want to give this a go but I'm afraid to go into boots while the 3 for 2 is on..dangerous times!

    1. Ha stop, its the same with me, I also end up going in though, and spending a fortune! But it's a good way to try out something new when you're getting it for free!! :)

  2. Hi Kate i have nominated you for a liebster award :)


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