Monday, 15 October 2012

Rimmel 'Scandaleyes' Kohl Liner!

   Absolutely loving Rimmel's new line of products that they've just released including mascara, nail varnishes, lipsticks and eyeliner. Today, I'm going to talk about a product that I've heard sooooo much about in the blogging world. It has been described as a dupe for Mac's much-loved 'Chromagraphic' eyeliner. If you don't know what liner that is, it's basic a boring beige liner for the inner waterline. It brightens the eyes but still looks natural, more natural than a white eyeliner. It is also widely know to be one of the hardest products to lay your hands on as it's a pro product and almost always out of shock or limited edition. So, finding a dupe is very exciting, for me and for beauty addicts like me.

    The Rimmel eyeliner range comes in about 7 shades, with the 'Chromagraphic' dupe being 005 Nude (bottom in picture below). I only bought one shade but I already know I want to go back and purchase the taupe shade as well.
    It's quite a waxy/crayon texture that glides on quite easily to the waterline. Perfect for an older lady trying to brighten up her eyes but still looking quite natural. The product is waterproof meaning it is quite long lasting, perfect for the waterline 'cos there is nothing more annoying than having to constantly top up an eyeliner.

    Even though there is quite a small amount of shades, they cover a range of colours, with something for everyone. You have the standard black and brown, much like any kohl eyeliner except waterproof. There is also, as you can see above, a range of colours for those of us who prefer a brighter shade. I, personally wouldn't wear a silver or bright blue eyeliner but that doesn't mean it wouldn't float your boat. I would only consider the purple as an alternative colour choice. But, as I said, I definently want to explore the taupe liner for a change.
    The liner definently one of the creamiest liners from a 'drugstore' brand that I've ever tried, and I love creamier liners, more pencil-like liners simply just hurt my eyes and I end up not using them, wasting money. So, so far so good with this one. I don't wear it all the time, it's more of a simple, natural day look or for when I'm wearing a strong lip. Also, great for waking up tired eyes!

P.s. MUA tip, a nude liner like this is brilliant for perfecting that red or coloured lip, simply trace around the shape of your lip to perfect the shape!

    Check these out Ladies and let me know what you think!!

Kate xXx

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  1. Great post, definitely going to get a few of these :)
    I have nominated you for a Versatile blogger award


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