Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Edit: Ombre Hair.

   First things first, I haven't blogged since the end of October, for me that is an extraordinarily long time to go with blabbing randomly to my computer. My apologies, I'm back now!

   First blog of the new year (in February I know) is an update. My ombre hair. Now in my last hair update, see here, I told you all I was going dark blonde into white blonde. Well, to cut things short, that didn't work. The last hairdresser put a red tint through my hair so basically I was a touch gingery for awhile (disclaimer: nothing wrong with ginger, just not what I wanted). So, my plan changed. I am now dark ombre.

     Now, I haven't had dark hair for at least 5 years, and to say I was freaked out in the hairdressers is a massive understatement but after a couple of days, it's definitely growing on me.

    I am naturally quite pale so a little bit extra on the tan will probably be needed but I think I like it. What do you all think? Is ombre becoming a little dated at this stage or is it here to stay??

Let me know your thoughts...

Kate xXx

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  1. Though I'm a bit late on this, I saw this picture while looking for ombre choices for myself and I think it looks great!


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