Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mac: The Stylish Brow; Haul

     I have honestly been dying to get my hands on this Mac Collection since I heard about it. The Stylish Brow, a collection dedicated to shaping and styling your brows. The collection compromises of brow powders, brow liners and brow gel, and for me personally it was the brow gels that I was particularly interested in.

    So the Collection came out today, Feb.7th, and I had knowing saved my Christmas vouchers for this very occasion. There was also a couple of other collections out today as well, The Strength Collection and the ProLongwear Paint Pots. I didn't have any real interest in those ones but you never know, I could be heading back for them! :D

    I bought two brow gels, 'Deep Dark Brunette' and 'Dirty Blonde', both for me and my clients. 'Dirty Blonde' is honestly the perfect colour for me, someone who is a toss up between blonde and light brown haired. Now brow gels are quite similar to Mac's Fluid-line Eyeliners, some of which can be used in the brows but these new products are specially for the brows and give a much more defined and sharp brow. Now this is just a haul blog, I haven't tried these yet but I know that I will be loving them.

   I also bought a veluxe brow liner in 'Brunette'. Now, I am not usually a brow pencil kind of gal, I don't like the consistency or outcome on the brow really, but this one just jumped out at me. It is so soft and natural looking, well the swatch on my hand was anyway, and I also liked the shape and size of the spooly brush too. I'll see how I get on with this and report back.

    I didn't see the point in buying any of the brow powders personally. Not that they didn't look great, and are so handy in the same little two palette if you do buy them, but I already have such an amount of shadows and brow powders myself that I just didn't see the point. But, they defo are well worth the looksie.

Brow gels: €17.50
Brow pencils: €20

**I think the brow pencils are waaaay overpriced, they're current brow pencils are €14.50 (I think) and even though I haven't tested this new one, dare I say it probably is better, but hey, I could be wrong??

Anyone else pick anything up today? Or will you be venturing in??

Brows are super important; in my opinion!

Kate xXx

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