Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My MAC Must Haves!

     If we're honest, Mac Cosmetics is possibly one of thee most coveted brands of make up that there is. As a Make Up Artist, it is very easy to get carried away with all their collections and new products that come out monthly, mainly because they do a fantastic job at hyping up their collections and products and suck in people like me, but the real question is, are their products worth the hype??

   I'll be honest, I don't love every single product that comes out of Mac like some Make Up Artists do but I do LOVE a good few products. Here I'm going to go through the what's and the why's of the products I do love. (Please note, I love a lot of Mac products, I could name endless amounts of products but I've tried to limited them down).

  First Up, Mineralised Skin Finishes, particularly 'Porcelain Pink' and "Soft and Gentle'. These are highlighting products for the face, designed to add that dewy, fresh looking glow to the skin. 'Soft and Gentle' is possibly the more well known colour, perfect for all skin colours whereas 'Porcelain Pink' is, as it sounds, more pink toned, more suited to those with paler skins types. I love both, this product is probably my must have of must haves from Mac. Retails for around €30
Porcelain Pink.
'Soft and Gentle'.

  Second, the WHOLE Mac Lipstick range. I actually don't use any other lipsticks really. From the smell, the range of textures and finishes, the choice of colours, I could go on about these for a long time. Prices have gone up for these over the last year, I believe they are around €19 now.
Selection of random Mac lipsticks.
Some of my favourites include 'Diva', 'Ruby Woo', 'CremeCup', 'HoneyLove', 'Peach Blossom', 'Shy Girl', 'Hue', should I continue.....because I could possibly name them all.....

   Next up is ProLongwear Concealer. Holy Grail concealer for me. Fantastic coverage, easy to blend, and doesn't crease under the eye. I use mine with either a Beauty Blender or my Real Techniques Contour Brush. Retails for between €17-€20.

    Fourth spot belongs to Mac's Eyeshadows. Not everyone will agree with this one I know, but I enjoy using Mac eyeshadows. The colours are beautiful and they have a serious range of colours and textures to choose from. One bad point, they are quite expensive for the amount of product you get. Single eyeshadows are around €18 and refills for palettes are around €13.
Some of my favourites would be 'Texture', 'Swiss Chocolate', 'Sketch', 'Embark', 'Cork', 'All that Glitters', 'HoneyLove', again I could continue.....

    My final must have for today is an eyeshadow brush, Mac;s 217 blending brush to be exact. It is a white haired blending brush perfect for applying depth to the socket and buffing out harsh edges, which works fantasitc due to its oval shaped head. For me it is a must, there are very few high-end companies that have a brush similar shape to this - I am aware of the cheaper options but I rather pay extra for brushes, you have them for longer.

   So there is my Top 5 Mac Must Haves, hope you enjoyed that read. I know Mac can be quite intimating when walking in due to the volume of products and colours so hopefully this will help you narrow down you choices!

   What are you Mac favourites? Let me know in the comments!

Kate xXx

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